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the movements of the nerves are being recorded and in readiness for something unlikely to appear the restless gaze roams the sky am I longing for a place to go back? and, all the way, there is a sense of groping along a corridor the scenery moves as if fomenting ill will Trying too hard to accelerate Light sparkles in play, the sun gives birth to existence in play and something makes us hesitate to go straight ahead The habit of peering out from inside a shadow hasn't got better the past is still running until it seems something suddenly revives, and the wind rushes in from there the feeling is sucked out the window This moment should have been enough Even the atmosphere assimilateds to the scenery and stands blocking the way without any sign of guilt Preception seems to be under pressure hold back shadows to avoid being noticed the usual existence, and the usual morning Whatever there is on the other side the feelings have long since stopped singing a song the scenery seems warped as it flows by and thinking I have seen this scenery begore though we should have been able to pass lightly by Though we are only projecting emotion onto shadows The treasure of time passing into oblivion Trying to drag the radiance, too, into darkness lives the projected self we cling to every figment of illusion trying to fly towards the center of light, the conscious, damp air comes creeping toward one's feet perhaps the creaking creates light Not quite able to hide the lewd gestures of the eyes what is it trying to grasp in the void insensitivity is arms decision Recollection in pupil Escaping in the crowd Dream of the royal house Corridor of time An illegal assembly beauty of place without sunlight To the falling idea escaped shadow Dream between profound ideas and the spoken word She was dead to love To destroy, She said shadow of the crowd a motive silent night Window floating in the air Memories and the Memory blind respect of nature is against nature self-consciousness of ignorance Navigation Don't Think Peace of Mind Distant view The bright path Lively forest He doesn't work as hard as I do The sea often penetrated my territory Stage in actuality The Wonderwork and Ordinaries Joy within measure Myths make reality more intelligible Independent of each other Sky was dripping down here Another world Witch craft diagonal lines Familiar coexistence uneasiness words tend to be inadequate From green to black You see something over there Solitude is enriching Abstraction is a type of decadence Most Profound Things Are Inexpressible A neat 'black' It is not an unreasonable interpretation Getting across feelings A new twist in an old plot Lying is a vice Other People The intimate analysis The Arabian Nights Bird's-eye view in small Is language the mother of spiritual peaceful? The power behind the throne Proof of the continuity He will come on time Do not enter into that tender night Sophisticated soothsayer; Plain space He is always surrounded by friends Viscosity of light Illusion and Reality The density of population A cold welcome Missing Hearts Feelings on the Outside Diagonally and slightly She shaded her eyes with her hands I couldn't believe my ears Desired Road deja vu The fairy vanished away playback Time and tide wait for none  I don't believe that ghosts exist No stars were twinkling in the sky Building a castle in the air beautiful conception Signs of glance I always see the wind here Remaining Time The strady residue
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